Mixers, Submixers, And Monitor Mixers:

Behringer EuroDesk MX2442A
Behringer EuroDesk MX2004A
Alesis muilti Mix  <usb 2.O>
Peavey 701R
Yamaha 8 ch
Yamaha 8 ch Rack Mount
Sunn PSM8
Behringer Racktuner

Studio Power Amps:

BGW 600
RS/Crown 200
RS/Crown 250


T.C Electronics G-Major w/ G-Minor
T C Electronics G-Force
2  Eventide H3000 SE
Eventide H969
ART SGX 2000 Express
Behringer V-AMP
BBE Max-com
BBE Sonic Maximizer 462
BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i
BBE Sonic Maximizer 262
Line 6 Pod Pro
Line 6 Pod XT Pro
Behringer Ultrafex II
Alesis Midiverb III
2 Alesis Nanoverbs
Blue Max Compressor
Alesis Micro Enhancer
Aphex Aural Exciter - Type C
Omni-Craft Quad Gate
Behringer AutoCom-Pro
Alesis Microgate
Behringer Mic Preamp
Digitech Vocal Harmonizer
Alesis Microverb
TC Helicon  Voiceworks Plus
Behringer bass V-amp  
Behringer Midi pedal


ART X-15
Digitech Delay
Digitech Whammy
Morley Bass Wah
G*A*S Delay
Boss Sd-1
DeArmond Volume
Morley Wah
Morley Bad Horsey Wah
Ibanez Phaser
2 Washburn Wah Pedals
Boss SD-1
Boss  SL-20 Slicer


4 Mackie MR 5
PAiA Headphone Distribution Amp
Sony and Sennheiser Headphones
Mach 2 Studio Monitors
KLH Studio Monitors
MW Custom PA Stacks w/18s, 15s, Piezos and Domes
MW Custom 15" Side Fills
Stage Hand 2-way Stage Monitors
MW Custom 100 Watt Powered 2/12" Wedge w/Piezos
Fender B-50 2x15" Bass Cab
Peavey 300 Series Monitor Amp
Peavey I/PA 150 Power Amp
Three Crate 4x12 Half-Stack Tops
Peavey Scorpion 4x12 Half-Stack Bottom
Fender 4x12 Half-Stack Top
Behringer 810 Bass Bin

Recording Equipment:

Motu 828 mk2
2 Dual-Monitor Digital Audio Workstations
Lexicon Omega
Lexicon Studio Core 2
128 Channel Capable Software
Digital (tube emulation) Mastering Software
Digital Tuner Software
MIDI Sequencing Software for click tracks, etc.
Dozens of Digital Effects
TC Electronics Finalizer Wizard Pro


2 RS/Crown PZM Mics
1 Audio-Technica Vocal Mic
6 Shure SM-57
1 Shure SM-58
1 Shure SM-515
2 Large Diaphram Kick Mics
1 Marshall V-88
1 Marshall V63
2 Behringer C2
2 Behringer mic pre-amps

Guitar Amps:

Line 6 HD 100 By Bogner
2 Crate C120XL (The Twins)
Crate C130XL
Crate Combo 212 w/ DFX
Crate 1600 XL
Crate GT-200 Hybrid
Fender And Park Combos
Peavey TNT 150
Peavey Mark VI
Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H

Electronic Sound:

Korg Triton Extreme Keyboard
Yamaha Motif ES6 Keyboard
Ensoniq synth Keyboard
Yamaha Motif Rack Sound Module
Yamaha TX81Z Sound Module
Fatar MP-1 Pedalboard
M-Audio Radium 49 Keyboard
Yamaha DX-100 Keyboard
Alesis DM-5 Drum Module
Alesis D-4 Drum Module
Pulse Electronic Drum Kit
Alesis Dm-5 Electronic Drum Kit
Alesis Dm-10 Electronic drum kit (The Frankenkit)
Roland Trigger Pads
PAiA Gnome Analog Micro Synth
G-50 Yamaha MIDI Guitar Controller<installed on Fender Strat>

And, the ARSENAL:

2003 Ibanez JS 1000 Custom
2010 Ibanez Jem 7vwh
2006 John Petrucci Musicman  <w/piezo>
1996 Abel Axe <Gone but not forgotten>
1994 Abel Axe <Mark Slaughter>
1993 Alvarez Dana Scoop <LA series>
1994 Alvarez Dana Scoop <Nashville>
1995 Alvarez Dana II
2009 Ibanez Euphoria EP9
2010 Gretsch Baritone
1986 B.C. Rich "Bich"
1985 Morris Hurricane EX-4
1985 Westone Deminsion IV
2004 Revolver Pro w/Sustainer
2010 OLP 5 string (Stingray)
2003 Fender Strat
1986 White Casio mg-510 <midi guitar>
1986 Black Casio mg-510 <midi guitar>
1988 B.C. Rich Rave
Roland G-77 Bass Midi Controler
GR-77b Bass Guitar Synth
Peavey Tracer
Sigma/Martin Accoustic w/Electronic Pickup
Epiphone Firebird
Epiphone Thunderbird
Basstar Fretless 5
UniVox Les Paul
Epiphone Thunderbird 5 Bass
Fender 4-String P-Bass
Peavey 4-String Fury II Bass
Peavey Foundation 4-String Bass w/Kahler Trem
Conklin GT-5 5-String Sidewinder Bass w/Enhanced Controls
Dean 6-String Bass
Conklin GT-7 7-String Sidewinder Bass
Dean 12-String Bass
IIbanez imc1 Midi Guitar Controller


2 Motu  128 Express XT
Motu  128 Express

Art ps 4x4