Hello, everyone!

Well it’s been a long time since we updated any news and we have tons of it.
First and foremost we would like to thank everyone around the world for all of the
suggestions and support!!!! We appreciate all of you and our circle of friends
has grown to uncountable levels!! We have  helped and support as many as we
could and we have also been involved with some awesome projects. As with most
things, change happens and AxoFire is having to scale back all the tracks we are
doing for others so we can focus on are own material and I am sure that any
support would be greatly helpful. 2010 has started a wonderful new chapter in
the AxoFire arena. First off we  are completing our second studio this year and
so far it is going to be the most advance one we have used to date. We have
added many new weapons to the arsenal and I am sure you guys will appreciate
the more professional sound of us. As 2010 gets moving along so will we and
hopefully some new material will be ready by the fall. Again, thank you for all of
your emails and comments and we look forward to more great music!!

Your Freinds,
The AxoFire Clan