The Shed: You had told me that you had disappeared from the local scene for a while, what
led up to that?

McFall:  Anyone can be a human jukebox. I could sit down and learn a bunch of cover tunes
and go out and play but I just don’t like it. Their is no creativity in it. But it was not just that. I
had a lot of personal things that where effecting me in my life and I got so depressed I did’t
really play my guitar for 3 years. I would look at it, maybe play it for 5 means and then it
would sit for weeks. The interest was gone for me and my life was pretty full with other

The Shed: So what got you back into playing?

McFall: Joe Satriani, I credit him for not only getting me back into my music but showing me
that their are other ways to express yourself and play music then sitting in a bar playing
other peoples stuff. He also showed me maturity as a musician in the professionalism that
he has and his laid back attitude. It was everything but the music, I mean Joe is a master
player and his music is killer but I don’t want to be him. It was the format that got me. How he
presents himself and how professional he is. He has a lot of class and it really got me
excited about my own music and how to present it. It also humbled me greatly and matured
me as a guitarist. When I went to see him live it really opened my eyes and caused me to
rise above all the egos and politics and just do my thing regardless of what people will say
or think. Musicians need to just shut up and play. They may actually become what their egos
think they are.

The Shed: OK, so you are saying you cut your own path? What have you done different?

McFall: Well, the Internet has opened up a whole new world. The genre that AxoFire lays in
is very small on the local level but internationally we do very well with selling our music. We
have sold some of it to gaming companies as well as individuals. We have even done
commercials for online sites like phoenix radio to name a few. We even have won some
contest that we have entered online. We did a song call “Katrina” that placed first in “the
little engine that could contest”. It was a children song written for my little girl. WE are gonna
donate the song to the Children's miracle network And hopefully play the telethon in June.  
We have a ton of little side projects that we do that cover just about every style you can
think of. We have the ability to branch out and experiment with all kinds of different music,
but my true love is the hard rock instrumentals that we do.

The Shed: What are you guys planning for the future?

McFall: Right now we are working on our live show format. Writing all original stuff and
getting it polished takes a lot longer to do then cover tunes, but the rewards are nicer. I
think it’s really cool to have someone come up to us and tell us they really enjoy our
material. I personally get a lot of satisfaction out of that because there is a lot of time and
heart that goes into the songs. I prefer people to like my playing because its me then
coming up to me and saying how well I copied so and so guitarist. That’s not my job as a
musician. We do what we do and we enjoy it very much. We know that not every body is
going to like it and that’s fine with us. As I said, we do what we do.

The Shed: Sounds to me like you guys have really matured over the years. I want to thank
you for taking the time to hang around in the shed.

McFall: Thanks Dave, I just want to tell everyone that we love the support. And love to hear
from everyone, good or bad. It all comes down to one thing and one thing only......the song.